I'm not the same as I used to be, all the things you've heard seem hard to believe haven't always been good, never really been bad. Most times I've been happy, yea sometimes I've been sad, sure I've made mistakes, haven't we all I've been loose as a cannon and dumb as a wall. Haven't always been sober in counting my ducks and if I look back now I've had my share of luck.
But the change didn't come over night I've been searching for you all my life, all the habits that I couldn't handle I've swept them under the rug in exchange for the sweetest addiction,
you, my elusive drug.
I'm going to stay now, I really like it here I may paint your picture, and I might grow a beard, there were times I was crazy couldn't handle my life. Don't think you'd have liked me not at any old Price. And I've taken the pills I got burnt out and chilled by the cold but I've no regrets and that being said, you know cheap thrills can get pretty old.