Give me just another night, just another night with you, give me just another kiss, just before the dawn breaks through 'cause I'm homesick, feel a little down and blue and I'm hurting, hurting, baby just like you. I was lonely 'til I saw you at the station and I never thought you'd keep our rendezvous, baby it's true.
And a one-day pass to heaven is so hard to find and a one-night pass ain't really what I had in mind I need your sweet tenderness, I need your soft caress I know the day is coming, don't take away your loving, can't you see that I'm human? Just because you've seen my face, just because you know my name I'm a stranger in this town, can't I have my ups and downs? Can't you see that I'm human? I get hungry, get thirsty I get moody, I need attention, I need your love, I need your love, I want your love
Give me just another night, just another night with you’ cause I'm freezing in this hundred-dollar hotel room. Don't make me leave you, no, don't you be so crue.