I can almost hear you sighI can almost hear you cry on every crowded street all the places we would meetWhat will I do without youThey say that life goes on I'm feeling sorry for myselfI can't belive you're gone. You acted much too calm, you turned on all the charmyou had a cold look in your eyes. I can feel your tongue on mine silky smooth like wine I'm living with those memories, that's all that's left of you and me.
I can almost hear you sigh, almost hear you cry when you made sweet love to me and you turned on all the charm acted much too calmYou had a cold look in your eyes. Did it mean nothng was it all in vainWas I just your fool or was the pleasure painHave you set me free or will I wake up in the morning and find out it's been a bad dreamI can almost hear you sigh, almost hear you cry when you make sweet love to me, almost see your smile, it stretched half a mile you had a stone cold look in your eyes.