Everything is wonderful being here is heavenly. Every single day, she says everything is free. I used to be so careless as if I couldn't care less. Did I have to make mistakes? When I was Mary's prayer suddenly the heavens rolled, suddenly the rain came down, suddenly was washed away the Mary that I knew. So when you find somebody who gives think of me and celebrate, I made such a big mistake when I was Mary's Prayer. So if I say save me save me, be the light in my eyes and if I say ten Hail Mary's leave a light on heaven for me.
Blessed is the one who shares, the power and your beauty, Mary Blessed is the millionaire who shares your wedding day.
If you want the fruit to fall, you have to give the tree a shake, but if you shake the tree too hard, the bough is gonna break. And if I can't reach the top of the tree Mary you can hold me up there. What I wouldn't give to be when I was Mary's prayer?