When I believed in nothing I called her name, trapped in a high-dollar joint in some place I called her name. And though my days are slipping by and nights so cruel I thought I'd die, she danced her little dance 'till it made me cry. She was shakin' like this honey doing that. When I needed soul revival I called your name. When I was falling to pieces I screamed in pain. Your soothing hand that turned me round a love so real swept over me. You danced your little dance 'till it made me cry. You were shakin' like this honey doing that. Never let me down She never let me down, never let me down She never let me down. When all your faith is failing Call my name, when you've got nothing coming Call my name. I'll be strong for all it takes, I'll cover your head 'till the bad stuff breaks, I'll dance my little dance 'till it makes you smile shaking like this honey doing that never let you down I'll never let you down, I'll never let you down.