On the pedastal you stand of promises to keep I can make the changes and keep you off the streets. I will never let you down, together we can win, all I need is your support, the funds keep flowing in. I am the one who will make all the difference, I am the one who cannot tell a lie. My opposition tells you that I am the bad guy but I have done some research in his private life I feel that it's my duty to let the people know, I know it's no one's business, I destroy to get a vote.
Raise those banners, raise those flags, raise your wagesn to all the nation's needs. Hail to government, hail to liberty. Hail to God above, hail to me: 'No more war', all at peace, I am the solution to what this nation needs.
My missile proposition is effective as can be, no trades for arms for hostages, no Star Wars shit for me I'm an average person, blue collar all the way. Everyone will have a job, just cast your vote my way
, raise your hands. No more war, all at peace.