I'm gonna take it to the limit of my love, before I turn and walk away. I've had enough of holding on the promises of yesterday. Every day of my life, it seems, trouble's knocking at my door, it's hard to try and satisfy when you don't know what you're fighting for. Time and again I sing your song, but, I've been runnin' on empty far too long. I've had enough holdin' on to the past, make no mistake, it could be your last. Don't break my heart again, like you did before. Don't break my heart again, I couldn't take anymore. I never hide the feeling inside, and though I'm standing my back to the wall, I know that even in a summer love a little bit of rain must fall. But, every road I take I know where it's gonna lead me to, because I've travelled every highway and they all keep coming back to you.