What's wrong with me? Why do I feel like this? I'm going crazy now. No more gas in the rig can't even get it started nothing heard, nothing said can't even speak about it all my life on my head don't want to think about it feels like I'm going insane. It's a thief in the night to come and grab you, it can creep up inside you and consume you a disease of the mind. It can control you, it's too close for comfort. Throw on your brake lights we're in the city of wonder ain't gonna play nice, watch out, you might just go under better think twice your train of thought will be altered, so if you must faulter be wise your mind is in disturbia. It's like the darkness is the light, disturbia am I scaring you tonight, disturbia ain't used to what you like. Disturbia. Disturbia.
Faded pictures on the wall it's like they talkin' to me disconnectin' your call, your phone don't even ring I gotta get out or figure this shit out, it's too close for comfort. Release me from this curse I'm in trying to maintain but I'm struggling, you can'tgo, go, go.